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R Kids First serves as a safety net, shielding your child(ren) from the damaging effects from conflict that can flow from poor parental communication, causing harm to the child(ren).   It is designed to help improve co-parenting communication by reframing your message, making it more positive and productive.  To get started, I will speak briefly with you to obtain some background information.  We can do that over the phone or via email.  We will talk about your email communication frequency so that I can be sure to respond to your emails in accordance with your co-parenting email schedule.  You will then forward your emails to me before sending them to the other parent or posting them on a website that you’ve chosen to use for communication.  I will assist in revising as necessary.  You can then just cut and paste my suggestions into your program or email thread.

  • Avoid negative communication
  • Stay informed about your children when they are in the care of the other parent
  • Keep children out of the middle of adult communication
RKidsFirst Blog
  • No One Can Protect Your Kids Better Than You!

    Years ago, the Federal government passed legislation called The Fair Housing Act, prohibiting discrimination against families with children. This means that a landlord can’t refuse to rent housing to a family that includes children. If a case is brought against a landlord alleging disecrimination, the landlord is required to sign......Read More