Author: Shari Bornstein

25 Aug No One Can Protect Your Kids Better Than You!

Years ago, the Federal government passed legislation called The Fair Housing Act, prohibiting discrimination against families with children. This means that a landlord can't refuse to rent housing to a family that includes children. If a case is brought against a landlord alleging disecrimination, the landlord is required to sign...

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06 Jul One Step At A Time

Disagreements arise in every day life. They are an unavoidable part of reality, unless one exists in a magical fantasy world where everyone gets along all the time. (If you find that place, please let me know.) When disagreements arise, they can hamper the success of any endeavor. The first...

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28 May A View from the Professional

A dearth of information exists "out there" educating parents how to behave when they decide to end their relationship and separate. Much of that information focuses on informing parents how to reduce conflict so that their children fare better through difficult family transitions. The information in print, audio and social...

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